About Ilakku  

The Ilakku is a website administered by the media division of the ICETR. The Ilakku aims to assist the long and arduous journey of Eelam Tamils towards their ultimate goal and their meaningful existence and the renaissance of world Tamils by communicating with other stateless nations.

The Ilakku seeks to serve our community honestly and sincerely by strengthening the Tamil nationalism and by empowering, healing and ameliorating our race and our community by liaising it with other stateless national ethnic groups around the world.

Founded in 2019, it’s mission is to connect Tamil people around the world. The Ilakku was started with the sole intention of serving the larger online Tamil community of users in the world.

Breaking News, Views and Features on various national issues and politician developments. From international affairs to local news. It features the latest news, in the form of text, pictures and videos. The site is updated continuously throughout the day.

Our content (text, image, video) is available on the web, mobile web, mobile apps and social media.